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Installation example
The information in this page are only a partial and summary statement of the real project.
The purpose of this text is only to provide a rough track.

Reference project:  PC4618 date 25-2-2005

Fire extinguishing system for underground parking in a shopping center


Brief description of the components

Galvanized steel pipes above the ground.
Drawn galvanized steel pipes UNI 8863 MS medium series,
of any diameter, complete with solder joints, elbows,
fittings and trims joints malleable iron
Galvanized, shelves and bracelets in support of galvanized steel
regular or special, including charges for cutting, running
threads, scrap and the laying of the art.
Black steel pipes underground.
Secure underground black steel pipes according to UNI 6363.
Group to attack motopompa VV.F.
Group attack motopompa VV.F. UNI 70, DN 100 type
be installed horizontally in a special tin box
and galvanized sheet door with breakable plastic
(included in price), fitted with a gate valve, valve
of no return, No 2 grips UNI 70, a safety valve
1.2 MPa, discharge valve, including all charges to
place the unit in place working to perfection.


UNI45 fire hydrant boxes, consisting of:
cassette wall-painted galvanized steel sheet
polyester resin with glass
closing key
brass faucet hydrant ø1 ½ "outlet with a 45 ° outlet
male thread
flexible tubing into yarn of synthetic fiber polyester
synthetic rubber vulcanized L = 20m
pair of brass fittings unified
lance water with interchangeable nozzles in copper pipe
Drawn with fitting brass unified
attack nozzle ø3 / 4 "
Min flow. 120 Lt / min. a pressure of 2 bar
Size mm.370 x 590 x 180.
Power station alarm sprinkler system to cleaning
Early warning stations to supply the sprinkler system
type when preloaded, consisting of:
- Dry alarm valve
- Trim complete with accessories for Dry alarm valve
- Throttle
- Trim to accelerate
- Full alarm bell
- Pressure alarm system intervened
- Low pressure warning system air pressure
- Main drain valve
- Automatic maintenance of air pressure
- Gate-to-hand oval and external screw
- Regulator sprinkler
- Hire portaerogatori Stock
a - DN 100
Shutoff valves butterfly iron
Shutoff valves butterfly ductile iron, slow and
Stainless steel shaft, sealing gasket in EPDM, maneuvering
through pamphlets and gearbox, complete with flanges, bolts and
gaskets, PN 6.
a - DN 100
Dispenser sprinkler
Sprinkler spout in chromed brass, pendant type bulb
glass, aperture 10 mm, K = 180, intervention temperature 68 ° C, complete with every accessory for the implementation of rule
A - or 1 / 2 "
Portable fire extinguishers
Portable fire extinguishers approved for fires of class A - B - C,
full charge, pressure gauge, hook support
signpost dimensions cm. 30 x 20.
a - 6 kg - capacity extinguishing 34A - 233 BC.




Air compressor maintenance circuit pressure
Complete dry sprinkler system as per specification.
Thermal insulation of pipes, executed as
specific materials.
a - escuzione C2a
Portcullis interception cast iron PN 16, for
sezzionamento circuit complete with fire flanges.
a - DN 100
Plant antifreeze with heating cable, external conditions to -10 ° C to be completed on pipes fitted with insulation
including heat thermostat, cable kit commessione
power, self-regulating heating cable matrix
semiconductive and other mounting accessories and
a - for fire fighting system
Identification of piping and valves, using
adhesive labels marked with the direction and type of fluid,
with color according to UNI.






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