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Remote Assistance through internet.

i-Service® allows to obtain immediate technical assistance for check-ups and failure prevention/diagnosis, without having to wait for the visit of a technician to your factory.

In addition to saving on travel of staff:
i-Service® allows to subscribe to periodic verification of the operation of equipment that helps to prevent defects and energy waste.

Besides being applicable to new installations, i-Service® is easily installed even on existing plants, particularly because the low cost allows anyone to use this valuable service.














i-Service® is the natural evolution of the old TELECONTROLLO which provided remote assistance via modem.
Unfortunately the old TELECONTROLLO required the cost of telephone connection, so for foreign customers could be very costly.

Today, with i-Service®, the cost of the connection is almost zero, so the system has only benefits and not contraindication.

Thanks to the service of remote assistance, provided by our after sales service office, customers who use i-Service®, can get immediate assistance for the diagnosis of faults; or they may simply require an overall efficiency of the equipment to prevent breakdowns and reduce energy waste.

We were the first to offer the TELECONTROLLO system and we are the first to offer the i-Service®; as usual, those who buy from Martel gets something more.


i-Service® is part of a family of products that can work independently, but when combined they give the best result:

i-Service®   i-Monitor®   i-Control®


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