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Air Handling Industrial Humidifiers Air filtering Electronic Instrum.






The name of this product was born from the union and abbreviations of the words: INTERNET and MONITORING, because in one word explains exactly what you get:
Total Monitoring of your systems on a computer in your company, but also using an internet connection.








The typical applications of i-Monitor® are:

  • Plant control from any computer in your company.

  • Collecting historical data resulting graphic analysis of trends.

  • Control of plants installed in other factories of your industrial group.

  • Remote professional Assistance through the i-Service® system (included as standard).




Some characteristics of the supervisory software

  • Customized Software for each individual air handling unit.

  • Software interfaced with Microsoft Excel for convenient storage and consultation of historical data.

  • Graphs and charts with hourly scale or daily range.

  • Alarms monitoring.

  • Automatic save of data.




i-Monitor® is part of a family of products that can work independently, but when combined they give the best result:

i-Service®   i-Monitor®   i-Control®


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