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Where we are

Our history

Origin of the name

Martel Ltd.

The company Martel Ltd. was born from the reorganization of the company IVS (Idrotermica Valle Seriana s.n.c.) Founded in 1966, boasts in his background experience of over 40 years

Martel make engineering, design, construction, installation and after-sales service of air conditioners and air conditioning, dust removal, waste collection and compaction and processes that control the environmental values and production.


Historical background

• Year 1966: Formation of the company called "IVS s.n.c." of Franco Bertocchi & C., with business premises in Gandino (BG), Via G. Nosari, 18

• Year 1986: Conversion of the company under the new name of firm "Martel Ltd."

• Year 1989: Development of the business wealth with the formation of the property and finance company of the Bertocchi family, under the firm named "LA META Ltd."

• Year 1990: Business development with the formation of an associated company, for the management of the technical and sales division "Martel ENGINEERING Ltd." (now absorbed in the main company)

• Year 1997: Business and production expansion in Mexico with the formation of the branch office “AERO TEXTIL MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V."

• Year 2002: Opening of the new factory "Martel Ltd." in Casnigo (BG) Italy

Where we are

The original building in Gandino (BG) Italy is still used for the Headquarter office, while the factory was transferred in 2002 in the prestigious building in via Serio,10 Casnigo (BG)


The factory

Machinery suitable for specific production cycles and necessary to guarantee the controlled and constant quality level required by customers





















The origin of the name Martel



Martel's name is inspired by the historical roots of the family Bertocchi, in fact, Martel is the nickname used in our village to identify the descendants of Francesco Bertocchi son of Antonio that everyone knew and call him Martel because he plays the famous hammer bells of the village.
(hammer in our dialect is Martel)

A trace of these sources was discovered in an old article appeared in the September issue of the magazine's 1935 "La val Gandino", where in particular was shown the text of the letter written "by the Martel".

All in all have passed a few years but the original text of the letter makes it clear that they were far from our time both in the way of expressing himself, but especially in the content, can you imagine nowadays write a letter requesting appointment "is to pay the livelihood of my family "






The offices are in "via Nosari 18 a Gandino (BG) Italy", in a building of 4 floors with a total of 650 square meter of our property.


The factory is in via Serio 10 Casnigo (BG) Italy, in a building of early 1900.
These two pictures are of 2000, when we bought the property framed in red.


Our workshop today.





More pictures.....







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