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Water filters

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Water filters



Hydra Filter®


Water filter

Filtration with water for firing dust:

  • All made of stainless steel
  • Self-cleaning water filter



Hydra Filter® is available in the following versions:

SizeAir temperatureDust to be filtered


1'500 m3/h
3'000 m3/h
5'000 m3/h
10'000 m3/h
20'000 m3/h
30'000 m3/h
40'000 m3/h
50'000 m3/h
75'000 m3/h
100'000 m3/h

HT (High temperature)
LT (Low temperature)


S (Heavy solids)
F (Fibers)
L (Liquids or Gasses)





Hydra Filter® 1,5-LT-L

Hydra Filter® 50-HT-F+A


Hydra Filter® 25-HT-F


Hydra Filter® 1,5-LT-L
Special column version


Hydra Filter® 75-HT-F+A


Detail: water filter for -F Version


Detail: self-cleaning drops eliminator
in stainless steel



Hydra Filter® 25-HT-F





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