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Air filtering

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 Air Handling Industrial Humidifiers Air filtering Electronic Instrum.
Dry filters
Water filters
Waste suction

Filters for dust removal


 Dry filters

 Water filters

 Dust suction and waste collection









Filters for dust removal

>Dry filters

Multi Waste®

Pre-filtration and final filtration all in one:

  • Selfcleaning rotary filter

  • Cyclone pre-filtration system

  • Low pressure axial fan or centralized high pressure centrifugal fan

  • Heat recovery dumpers

  • Noise silencer included

Selfcleaning filter

For big quantity of dust:

  • Rotating  drum

  • 4 type of filtering media 

  • 2 type of sucking nozzles

  • Surface from 5.6 to 84 m2

Pre filters for fibres



>Water filters

Filtration with water for dusty air :

  • All made of stainless steel

  • Selfcleaning water filter


>Waste suction




Bagging Machine


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