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Centralized Vacuum cleaner for industrial applications that require the removal of large amounts of fiber and dust.
® was originally developed for textile applications, where due to the big amount of dust that must be removed, is required a Vacuum system able of continuously work and automatically discharge the dust; but of course Vacuum-Tex® finds useful applications also in other areas.

In addition to the compactor device, Vacuum-Tex® is provided with a final bagger filter for fine powders.


Compactor with discharge valve


Suction point with manual valve


Suction point with automatic valve



Example of application in a weaving factory

(Plan view)

(Section view)


The final product quality and the productivity of industrial machinery are also influenced by the cleaning of the machines, because every production stoppages for cleaning, generates a reduction of the total yield of the machines during time; moreover a good cleaning from waste improves the quality of the finished product, because it avoids contamination between different materials or colours worked on the same machine.

The worst way to clean a machine, is to blow with compressed air, because at least you just move the dust from one point to another point in the production department, and often this method creates a corruption of the other products tath are producing on machines close to it.

The benefits of Vacuum-Tex® system are:

  • Electrical power reduction and consequent energy saving compared to traditional Vacuum.
  • Reduction of the cleaning costs, thanks to the fast dirt removing, and thanks to the automatic bagging dust granted by Vacuum-Tex®.
  • Turning on and off automatically according to real needs.
  • Immediate availability of the suction nozzle. Thanks to the fixed network of pipes; you'll never have to search tools left somewhere.

Vacuum-Tex® is also installable in existing factories, because it does not require any complex installation procedures.


Terminal suction nozzle


Nozzle with flexible coupling for floor fixed suction


Filtering bags for fine powder


Example of installation with sequential intermittent suction points





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