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Suction Box

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Suction Box


Suction Box®



Suction Box®

Centralized vacuum for industrial machines that require a vacuum up to 8,000 Pascal (800 mm water column).
Suction Box
® includes a waste collection and of course the final filter.


Front view

Detail filtering wall

Fan connection point


The importance of energy saving led us to develop a central vacuum system for those industries with production machines that require continuous aspiration and removal of waste dust generated from the machines.
The most common application is the hosiery industry and factories producing seamless, where the central vacuum cleaning systems are already in use for years.

The benefits of Suction Box® system are:

  • Power consumption reduction and consequent energy savings.
  • Ordinary maintenance costs reduction, thanks to centralized cleaning the air filter.
  • Automatic adjustment of power consumption based on the real needs of production machines.
  • Reduction of the heat in the building, through the elimination of the pumps on every machine.
  • Energy saving of the air conditioning plant.
  • Noise reduction in the factory.

Like all centralized systems, even Suction Box® improves the overall efficiency of the department and increase the productivity by optimizing the times for maintenance.

Suction Box® is applicable to already existing mills, but is especially advantageous when purchased in conjunction with the creation of new productive units, because you can buy the production machines without individual vacuums and without the individual filters mounted on the machines.


Command buttons

Switchboard opened


Terminal pipe with interception valve
and flexible connection or multi connections

Centralized vacuum fan





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