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Electronic Instrum.

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Electronic Instrumentation


Switchboards with electronic instrumentation














Electronic Instrumentation

At the service of our Air Treatment Systems, we are able to provide a full range of solutions for the automation of facilities and for thermoregulation.

We start with fully automated electric switchboards by PLC and the software for the control of the equipment; than we pass trough high level electronic instrumentation; and we end up with the best technology products:

i-Service®, i-Monitor®, i-Control®


The historical evolution of the electronic instrumentation


The old and glorious pneumatic thermal controller


The beginnings of the electronic age.
See the conversion of output signals from electronic to pneumatic, moreover we know that traditions are hard to die.




The first system based on PLC, with 100% electronic control and not only of thermoregulation, but also of each individual motor of the plant.


The two current versions:
- Touch screen standard for all installation
- Touch screen with graphic colour display (optional)


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