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AHU Air Handling Units

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Air Handling Industrial Humidifiers Air filtering Electronic Instrum.
AHU Air Handling Units
Mega UTA


AHU Diagrams

AHU Air Handling Units



Air Handling Units ( AHU )


A lot of model with all functions you can desire:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Normal filtering
  • Absolute filtering
  • Humidification
  • Heat recovering

Big (AHU)

Due to their considerable size, these AHU can't be shipped assembled even divided in modules.
This family is divided into two types:

  • version completely dismantled
  • version modules partially assembled

Medium (AHU)

Air Handling Stations with a size which would allow the division into blocks with standard dimensions suitable for shipment by truck or container; ready to be united once a destiny.

Small (AHU)

Air Handling Units that thanks to their small size allow the construction and shipment in a single-piece.

Special (AHU)

Extremely specific AHU, projected for particular sectors or applications such as our air treatment units for laboratories with ISO certification, or air treatment units with built-in diffuser.




Some example of installation Some references




































































The certifications

CE Safety certification in accordance with the provisions of the EU directive 89/392/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 89/336EEC and following, including the latest changes and with its national legislation transposing.

Certification Act CEI 17-13/1 EN60439-1 EN60204 (for switch board).

ATEX certification in accordance with the provisions of the European Directive 94/9/EC.
The marking indicates with certainty that the equipment has been constructed in accordance with the basic requirements and evaluation procedures to the EU.



The software for designing, sizing and selection

The program for the selection of Air Handling Unit allows us to provide offers with detailed description of each component.


Annex to the offer, is also provided a constructive drawing of the CTA - UTA dimensioned so as to allow you to get an idea of the measures and check the necessary space of the installation.




The details of the components


The base frame

Aluminium tubesGalvanized base

Lifting holes

Feet for small AHU



The framework

Main tubesIntermediate tubes





The panels

Panels with customized coatingsIn addition to natural galvanized or aluminium colours, We make the panelling in several colours; the light blue is the most common

Seals selected according to the final destination of the AHU

Isolation: The choice of material should be made according to the degree of insulation you want, but also by the desired noise level and also according to the total weight of the AHU



The doors and the accessories




Micro switch




The filters

First stage:
Medium efficiency filters, with filtering degree from G2 to G4
Second stage:
efficiency filters, with filtering degree from F5 to F9

Final stage:
Very high efficiency filters, with filtration degree from H10 to U17

Special filters:
Molecular filtration and  chemical filters



The heat regenerators

Plates with cross flowPlates with By-pass system

Plates counter current




The cooling coils and heating coils


Copper - Aluminum

Copper - Copper

 Dry cooling

Direct gas expansion



The humidifiers

Adiabatic humidifier with single or double collector.
With disposable water or with recirculation pump
Humidifier with evaporative surface.
With disposable water or recirculation pump


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