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Air Handling

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AHU Air Handling Units
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Air Handling Units


Many models of air handling units with the features you want:

  • Cooling

  • Heating

  • Normal filtration

  • Absolute filtration

  • Humidification

  • Heat Recovery

Big ( AHU )

Big air handling units that due to their considerable size can't be shipped pre-assembled, even divided into modules.
This family is divided into two types:

  • Version completely disassembled
  • Version partially assembled

Medium ( AHU )

Air handling units with a medium size that would allow the shipment in pre-assembled blocks, with standard dimension for transport on trucks or in containers ready to be joined once at destination.

Small ( AHU )

Small air handling units which by their small size allows the construction and shipment in a single piece.

Special ( AHU )

Special air handling units highly specialized for particular industries or applications, such as our air handling units for laboratories with ISO 7 - 8 -9 certification, or air handling units with built-in diffuser.



The best solution if you want a transportable system but you need big air conditioning station:

  • Models from 60.000 m3/h to... no limits

  • Modules in 2,40 m for standard trucks

  • All function you want: you can have!



Very big air conditioning centrals, made with the shape you need.

The best solution if you want the maximum comfort maintaining the equipment:

  • Installable on the spot by our technicians

  • Strong structure inside for every range of air pressure

  • Anyway dismountable for future necessity

  • Made in different materials and colours.



The original technology for big installations:

  • Wall Made of cement by your supplier, but under our detailed drawings

  • Component inside for every type of air treatment

  • Installation of the component usually by our technicians.


With axial or centrifugal fan in al lot of standard configuration always in free cooling thanks to the adiabatic humidification

Standard sizes:

  • 20.000 m3/h

  • 30.000 m3/h

  • 40.000 m3/h

  • 50.000 m3/h

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