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The origins...

The Martel's company's origins date back to 1966, year when Mr. Bertocchi Franco and his two brothers formed the company IVS s.n.c. which in 1986 was transformed into Martel Ltd.

The name is inspired by the historical roots of the family Bertocchi, in fact Martel is the nickname used in the village  Gandino to identify the descendants of Francesco Bertocchi son of Antonio that everyone knew and call him Martel because he plays the famous hammer bells of the village. (hammer in our dialect is Martel)

The products:

For both the National and international markets, Martel produces:

  • Air Conditioners

  • Industrial Humidifiers

  • Self-cleaning air filters for dusty air

  • Water filters for dust removal

  • Air handling units

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

  • Humidification chambers

  • Air Washers at low pressure

  • High pressure Humidifiers

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Where we are

The headquarter

The office is located in the  original building in Gandino (BG) Italy and the work shop is in the new base in Casnigo (BG) Italy.





We can sell single components, but our organization can also supply complete installations for turn key projects.

  • Air Conditioning plants

  • Heating plants

  • Geothermal plants

  • Humidification plants

  • Dust removal plants

  • Dust suction plants

  • Textile waste collection plants

  • Air Filtration plants

  • Water filters

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Contacts Business

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The installation of our product start from general civil and commercial sector, till very specific and technical industrial applications, for example the Textile air conditioning and humidification

Or in the very special applications for painting lines in the automotive sector.




Customer care 




After sale service

One team one mission: YOUR SATISFACTION

Our success born from the experience of our people, joined to their passion for this job, to their continuous effort and last but not least, the company's mentality than teach important values like honesty and the care for the customer satisfaction.


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